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   扬州讯通电子有限公司是一家专业设计、生产、销售射频同轴连接器的企业。 本公司提供产品的型号有RF同轴连接器、F头系列(RG58、RG59、RG6、GR11)、PAL(TV),BNC、N、RCA 、SMA、SMB、TNC、L9(1.6/5.6).L27, L29(7/16),L36,L52. ,UHF(PL259),1/2,7/8,IF45Q型(15/8),IF70Q型(15/8),C6X,Q6,NEC(C4.6),MCX,MMCX, CC4 ( 1.0/2.3)及通讯网络产品系列的射频同轴连接器、不同系列间转接器、光纤连接器、微矩型系列连接器,同轴衰减器,可调同轴衰减器,同轴负载等,也可以根据客户需要来设计加工各种特殊要求的接插件,铜螺母等各种铜件! 讯通电子集聚雄厚的技术力量和完善的质量体系于一身。公司信誉与日俱增,为国内外电信、移动、联通、航空航天、军事等各个领域配套生产,建立稳定的合作关系。   本公司欢迎诸位来电、来函 洽谈、订货、参观。

  Yangzhou show Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional design, production and sales of RF coaxial connector business. The company provides product models RF coaxial connectors, F head series (RG58, RG59, RG6, GR11), PAL (TV), BNC, N, RCA, SMA, SMB, TNC, L9 (1.6 / 5.6). L27, L29 (7/16), L36, L52., UHF (PL259), 1 / 2,7 / 8, IF45Q type (15/8), IF70Q type (15/8), C6X, Q6, NEC (C4 .6), MCX, MMCX, CC4 (1.0 / 2.3) and communication network products series of RF coaxial connectors between different series adapter, fiber optic connectors, filling micro-series connectors, coaxial attenuators coaxial tone attenuator, coaxial load, etc., can also be designed according to customer needs and processing of various special requirements of the connectors, copper nuts and other various copper pieces! Show Electronics gathering strong technical force and improve the quality system in one. The company increased credibility for domestic telecommunications, mobile, Unicom, aerospace, military and other fields supporting the production, establish stable relations of cooperation. The company welcome you to call, letter negotiations, ordering, visit.


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